Dear Mr. ‘Darling’ Server in Starbucks


I really don’t want to be one of those people who moans but doesn’t say what they are thinking, but appears this morning that is exactly what I did.


After 10 days off I called into Starbucks on my way to work to purchase a Monday motivating coffee and some breakfast, I sighed when I saw it was you serving. You have an annoying habit. You call me ‘darling’ at the end of every sentence and I hate it.

So much so I intensely listened to how you spoke to the gentleman in front of me in the queue. Did you know not once did you say ‘darling’ or even ‘mate’? You just spoke to him in a polite and efficient manner. But you greeted me with ‘hi darling’, took my order and said ‘thanks love’ and even mumbled something that I hope was ‘sweetie’ but sounded a bit like ‘sweet thing’. I’m not okay with any of these terms, even under the disguise of customer service.

See I know these terms are supposed to be harmless, a way of initiating relatable customer service or maybe even trying to brighten my Monday morning, but that’s not the effect they have. Instead it spurs a tiny ball of rage inside me. I don’t want to believe these forms of addressing me are motivated by a strand of culturally accepted sexism, but they are. I also don’t want to be somebody who is uptight about these kinds of things, but this morning it appears I am. I also don’t want to be rude about it and stop interacting with you but actually that’s exactly what I did this morning. I stopped talking to you above and beyond ordering my coffee. For that I’m sorry. But you started it.


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Graduate seeking…


An employer who will facilitate the growth of an ambitious graduate with online and digital marketing experience.

Job Title:
Nothing Fancy Required.

Closing Date:

Salary Range:
Anything 18K+


Job Description:
A role for a bright and ambitious graduate with a passion for all things media and marketing and that can help push forward and promote your company’s brand and values.

The job will be a role that will continually push and create challenge from day one. Reporting to the marketing staff and senior members of staff, development will be encouraged, tracked and in keeping with the needs of the business. Tasks will include:

  • Running social media campaigns.
  • Email communications.
  • Liaising with existing contacts and new customers.
  • Sourcing advertising opportunities.
  • Writing and proofreading
  • Contacting media outlets with press releases as required.

To name but a few.

Person Specification:

  • Knowledge of managing multiple campaigns, currently across 16 social media channels.
  • Able to provide concise and accurate copy for online and print.
  • Understanding of the importance of analytics, insights and reports and capable of reporting, deciphering and filtering these as required.
  • Experience liaising with national and regional newspapers and media outlets.
  • Experience in email marketing, including targeted and promotional newsletters.
  • Strong understanding of many content management systems.
  • Knowledge of databases, HTML, and Adobe Creative Programmes.
  • Administrative knowledge, including maintaining customer databases.
  • Excellent ability to build rapport and understand audiences.
  • Able to confidently present ideas to senior members of a team.
  • Educated to degree level, with an Upper Second Class Honours in English Literature.
  • Strong time management skills, juggling many projects in my current employment, alongside volunteering, studying and a competitive sport.
  • Full clean driving license and own transport.
  • Articulate, positive, professional and dedicated.
  • Passionate about online marketing, researching and developing ideas in my free time.
  • Limited proficiency in French.


Working Hours:
Full Time

Permanent, ideally.





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Recap: March’s To Do List

to do

It’s the time of the month to recap on my to do list from last month.

To continue going to the gym as frequently as I began

So the tailored plan I had a meeting for in my second week of being a gym bunny failed. There was no tailored plan and it turned out I had severely misunderstood the minor description of the meeting I was given – but I did have chance to explore the gym equipment fully and learn that they keep generic plans for everybody in a little pamphlet wall. I’m yet to use a generic flyer but I have been attending the gym regularly 3 times a week throughout March! I’m varying the strength element of my workout, making sure I keep it interesting and learning of to use various machines (also motivated by the fact I know very little about the best way to train). My cardio has remained relatively the same and is solely based around intervals. So I deem this ‘to do’ on my to do list a success!

Start applying for jobs weekly

So this has been less successful. I haven’t really kept track of this ‘to do’. I think I have applied for a new job each week, maybe more? This is likely to continue going forward although there are strong rumours that they want to make me permanent. We shall see!

Take more photographs

I failed. You can see my Instagram account to know I failed. But I did print off some lovely photographs I took on my DLSR for my mum’s birthday! I was particularly happy with how they turned out, unlike most other photographs I take!


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