Recap on February’s To Do List


Last month I did my first ever To Do List. You can view the original post here: To Do List.

I’ll be doing another this month but I thought what’s the point in a to do list if you don’t actually tick things off and reflect?

To save you having two windows of my blog open here’s a quick rundown of what I hoped to achieve in February.

Refocusing on my blog
To Go for a Run
Finishing my current book
Keeping my closet clear

I’d say out of this list I achieved 2. How disappointing? My first ‘to do’ of refocusing on my blog is something I certainly think I’ve achieved and it was relatively easy. I promised and restricted myself to only post every other day – that way I didn’t have a week of posts every day and then no posts the following week. I found posting every other day was manageable and fit into my already busy life. It also meant I had time to think about what I was posting, giving me a chance to really focus on content. (I even received a lovely comment from a reader about how thoughtful my content was).

My aim to go for a run has definitely been achieved, as I joined a gym and ran on a treadmill and can even say I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I still haven’t finished my book – that’s really bad considering I have just over 100 pages to go. I literally have spent no time reading my book. I really must try harder on this.

I also think I’ve half achieved keeping my wardrobe clear. The clothes have remained relatively clutter free however the shoe section is messy and full of shoes I don’t wear and maybe 4 pairs I do.


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Just relax

Just Relax Average Adventures

Sometimes you just need a day off.

I absolutely love my job, it’s varied, it can be fast paced and it fosters innovation. But it is temporary. My contract is for a year and, although there is discussion of making it a permanent role I’m not in the position where I can wait and see. I have been working about 40 hours per week, applying for jobs (so I can eat in June), improving my french skills and roller derby; I needed a day off.

I booked yesterday off.

I booked yesterday off to relax, and gain an extra weekend day.

I’ve been feeling burnt out quicker than usual recently – juggling many things means that my evenings of relaxing, or my weekend days of sleeping in seem too spaced out. I think this is amplified by the fact I rarely sleep in, though always sleep well. I’m an early riser and a proactive person, which I’m finding means it takes me slightly longer to relax now.

I’m my own worst enemy really and should treasure the time I do have to relax, rather than waking up and going straight onto derby admin. Or organising a gym trip.

I may suck at actually relaxing, in terms of sitting in bed reading, or playing video games, which had been my original intention, but the thought of having another day of lazing around before training on Sunday was a glorious feeling.

I did contemplate planning my day of relaxation but that really struck me as counter productive? How do you relax?


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Why I’m not going to Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival

This year, despite having saved funds for it, I’ve decided I’m not going to Leeds Festival.

It almost hurts to say that after spending last year crying into a pillow about my absence from Leeds Festival that this year I am choosing not to go. I love Leeds Fest – the atmosphere, bands, set up and its convenient location to my house (just far enough away to feel away from home, close enough that I could get home in less than 2 hours if required).

I’ve pined for Leeds Festival when I’ve been unable to make it.

But this year’s line-up fills me with minimal excitement. It lacks punch and women…

Leeds Festival

The motivation not to go isn’t because of its predominately male line up, although I think it is worth noting; instead I’m choosing not to attend because of my lack of excitement about the people listed as headliners, listed as run up acts and performing on the NME stage. I pride myself on having an eclectic taste in music. I have listened to most of the acts listed on their line-up, at some point, but out of all of the acts currently listed there are 8 (at a push) that I would take time to listen to.

I recognise that 8 acts over a weekend is still pretty bloody good. But these are 8 acts that strike the ‘Oh I guess they’d be good to see’ reaction not the ‘I must watch them now’ feeling.

I know that some acts are still to be announced, but with none so far that strike a ‘must go’ feeling. It’s with sorrow, and maybe regret in August, that I’m going to save my £400 (paying for Chris and I) and choose not to attend Leeds Festival this year. I feel like a cop out festival enthusiast but I pay the money for the music not the atmosphere.

If you were attending/are planning to attend, what has made you do so?


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