#AdventuresInLondon – Room Shopping with SpareRoom

Average Adventures

The concept of living in one room is not something that is new to me, or Chris.

In fact during the time of our relationship we have lived with both of our parents at some point, renting a room from them to store all of our stuff and live in; rented with friends, again storing most of our possessions in our room; and have lived in the world’s smallest flat.

However the concept of literally shopping for a room to live in is odd to me. When we rented with friends they were friends before and together we made the decision to move in together. This time there is the potential of moving into an already formed house or into one that is empty but being filled up constantly by new faces. There is also the daunting idea that currently I am spoilt with a full chest of drawers, 3 breast wardrobe and another set of thin drawers for my clothes alone… A luxury that I don’t think I can afford in a London house share.

I’ve been monitoring SpareRoom and GumTree for about 2 months. Flicking between cities and more specifically areas of North London for the ideal room to come up and grab my attention. I began messaging people about mid-May. This was a mistake and way too early to begin looking at potential rooms to live in. Turns out in London when they say a room is available now it means they wanted you to move in yesterday, in fact no that’s too late you should have move in early last week. Obviously our situation didn’t lend itself to such a fast moving market, especially considering I have work commitments until the end of June and Chris has exams.

We ended up securing most of our viewings in the week leading up to our visiting day, this Saturday just gone. In total we had a lot less viewings than I’d hoped for, but with rooms going so quickly and our budget being limited in hindsight I think my original estimation had been too much. People are reaaaaaallly rubbish at getting back to you too on SpareRoom. Some are good obviously, otherwise we’d have had no viewings, but I couldn’t help myself feeling a little suspicious of those who did respond because they had responded.

In the end we did find a room we were happy with, a little further out than we’d look previously, but still more than manageable in terms of commute. We’re in the process now of securing it, which means going through all of the shitty paperwork I remember so fondly from renting before. During our search, whether rightly or wrongly, we went for all bills included, so for at least the 1st 6 months of our contract we know exactly what is coming out of our account and when.

The reality of actually moving is starting to set in… Like we actually have a financial commitment to move for now. We will have our only little space of London. For that I have 2 words (potentially 3) – HOLY SHITBALLS.

My Last Roller Derby Session as a Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girl

Florence the Machine Roller Derby

For the first time in 5 years I am unaffiliated within Roller Derby.

Last Sunday was my last ever session as a Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls.

I left amicably.

I left because I am moving and over the month of June I am unable to commit to league training or any future games beyond June. (If you want more detail on moving read the post below).

It is a mix of emotions leaving something that has been consistent in your life for 5 years, and as I’m only 23 I feel that is a substantial portion of my life. On the positive side I am so ready for the next adventure. Living in London is a daunting but exciting idea and made a lot more comfortable by sharing the whole thing with Chris. And yet it opens up so many questions and creates so much change.

Skating at the Lincolnshire Bombers has been a fabulous experience, providing so many opportunities, friendships and stability. The team itself has gone through so much change. It is sad to think I am no longer a part of that and ironically the most consistent part of my life for the past 5 years, aside from Chris – after all I’ve moved about 5 times, changed my job about the same and started and finished my degree all in that time.
florence the machine roller derby
But honestly, and in a statement that undermines this whole blog post, there are no words to describe my time with the Lincolnshire Bombers. It’s been an odd timelines of events and development. Starting when I was 18 in a league suffering from a recent split, questioning everything, to a team buzzing with transfers and enough skaters for 3 teams to the team I am leaving now. From being seriously unfit, to wanting to get fit for the team, to a knee injury and back again.

Today was my last ever session as a Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girl. There are no words really to describe the past 5 years I’ve had with this team, the friendships that I’ve made and the opportunities I’ve had. Starting at 18 I never ever thought I’d love roller derby and being a member of LBRG as much as I did. It really is hard to imagine not playing with such inspiring women who have guided me through the early years of my adulthood. It’s been an incredible journey but Chris and I are going to start a new adventure and you guys should watch out for ‪#‎LBRG‬.
‪#‎dumbbitch‬ ‪#‎adventuretime‬ ‪#‎bigsmoke‬

I owe a great deal to LBRG, including their ability to put up with my constant need to be more competitive, push harder and try out new things, whilst juggling repetition. And to Roller Derby I owe the knowledge that Lincoln really isn’t far away from anything (except perhaps Cornwall) and although I may be living in a different city, I travel, most weekends, further than the distance it takes for me to return back to Lincoln to see the friends LBRG has given me.

I have no intention of leaving Roller Derby, so watch this space.


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Photos courtesy of Peter Worth

Average Adventures on the Move


Average adventures

The urge to write has developed over the past two weeks.

The date on the last blog post below is a constant source of shame, reminding me that for nearly a month I’ve had little time and no interest in filling it with writing on this blog.

I’ll use the excuse of time. I think as humans we naturally prioritise what interests us most of all and so those aspects not retaining a high interest in our lives often fall by the wayside. This blog is an example of that and a necessity to focus on other elements of my life.

I’ve resisted from writing about this all year; mostly because plans were not fully confirmed, but also because I wasn’t entirely sure how to write about it, how to document change and how not to assume what might happen in the future.

I’m moving city.

I’m moving from cosy, homely and comfortable Lincoln to the maze and unfamiliar London.

The potential of a move began in January really. Before then there had been the idea of a move to an unconfirmed city, or remaining in Lincoln for the foreseeable future. My long term boyfriend Chris is going to study, after taking his a-levels this year. He decided Lincoln wasn’t for him but wasn’t sure where was, but after a few open days and a bit of discussion Chris decided that a course at a London University is where he wants study.

The last 6 months have been about planning, confirming and job hunting.

The job hunt began in March. Looking for an online marketing job in London on first glance seems like an easy task. If there was ever a place to work in online marketing London is certainly the place, there are soooo many vacancies. However March seemed the correct time to begin searching. My current job is a fixed term contract that at the point of looking for a job had not been made permanent (although now it has and you can apply here) and so was due to end in June; Chris also needed to be there for the beginning of September.

Thankfully, although I had a lot of non-responses from companies and a couple of rejection emails to my job applications, it wasn’t actually that long before I had a couple of interviews lined up and ultimately 2 job offers. I accepted one, obviously, and now start my new job mid-July.

The job has necessitated the move but I would rather that than move, which we would have had to do in September, and not have a job.

So what does that mean for my writing and average adventures? Well I have only ever populated this blog for my own interest, but actually I think there may be some elements of my life over the next couple of months I want to remember. So my aim is to populate this blog of my experience moving, at my new job, any potential opportunity of continuing roller derby and randomly some book reviews (as I’ve started reading again).


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Photo courtesy of Peter Worth