About Average Adventures

I’m Toni (roller derby name: Florence the Machine), 24,
from Lincoln, living in London.
This is my blog – Average Adventures

Welcome to Average Adventures, the blog of a graduate writer who dreams of big things but lives so very averagely.

Average Adventures began sometime ago. Originally on Instagram and Twitter the name and concept slowly migrated to a blog. For so long of this blog’s life I have used it as a form of online diary. It was a place to express thoughts and deal with my knee injury. Recently I’ve decided to spend some more time on my blog. To test what I learn in my career. To connect with other people.


My adventures started 24 years ago originally in the small cathedral city of Lincoln and migrated south to North London.

Lincoln was a great place to go grow up but London has a wealth of opportunities and I think I’d have regretted it if I didn’t move.

Average Adventures

I spend my free time in 5 ways mostly, roller derby, reading, writing, dreaming and working. This blog encompasses a couple of those. But mostly the dreaming and writing bit. I’ve always enjoyed words.  I’ve previously expressed my love of words secretly or by appreciating them in literature.

During the day you can find me working full time in online marketing for an acquistion marketing agency. In the evenings I vary going to the gym, playing roller derby and spam watching television.

Roller derby certainly changed my life and has provided me with some incredible adventures already. I blog a lot about it and will continue to do so. If you’re interested in roller derby I skate for London Rollergirls and was previously a member of the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls.

Roller Derby

Roller derby

I don’t claim to have the greatest adventures. But I enjoy the ones I do have. I also think it’s important to remember the not so memorable alongside the moments that blow your life away.


Unless stated otherwise (typically the Roller Derby images) images are taken by me. All posts unless stated otherwise are written by me. Average Adventures is a personal blog. A blog I run completely in my own free time. It has no professional affiliation and as present does not have any sponsored content, monetised links or paid reviews. I’m not adverse to working with brands so if you are interested in contacting me about your product or to guest blog then please email tonisadventures[at]gmail.com.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

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