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Roller Derby Off Season

I joined a gym!

I guess I’m blogging about this so then I literally can’t stop going to the gym I’ve signed up too. If it’s posted on the internet it’s as close to making a promise right? Because if you don’t do it you have a viral reminder of your failure and also the embarrassment of people knowing you didn’t quite stick to it.

So yes, I’ve joined a gym – I did so about 2 weeks ago, as my local gym had a revamp and I can walk there. I also joined because my knee is feeling pretty healthy but I wouldn’t call it strong, and I quite like lifting and I used to like running.

I had my induction on Thursday, with Chris. I was hoping for a set plan, which isn’t exactly what I got. I got a half plan and a walk around some exercises that would be good for me. Tuesday is the first time (alone) I’ll get to try it out (Monday is always rest day). I’m sure I’ll blog about it again at some point but to begin with my plan for this evening is going to look something like this:

5 minute cycle to warm up
c.20 minutes of running intervals. 2 minutes 30 seconds running, 1 minute rest.
5 sets of 5 box jumps.
3 sets of 10 single arm presses.
3 sets of 10 weighted squat jumps.
Suspended single leg lunge.
3 sets of 10 walking push ups.
Till finish x 3 on wobble board.

Let me know if you have any good work out plans relevant to roller derby. I’d love to give some a go.


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